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Partnering Concepts with Mainstreet Global

We're a value added equity partner. We offer structure, capital, global network and exit strategies to those desiring successful and rapid growth. Be the leader of the emerging market!

Are you looking for financial diversification with a partner whose focus is on International growth? MainStreet Venture Fund provides management buyouts (in whole or part) to well managed hospitality businesses that prove to be scalable on an international basis.

We bring a Western management and business style to brand growth, franchise systems and franchise licensing working with our subsidiary company Brittco Consulting Group.

Our positioning into your company is to bring executive management (to the already corporate and operating team) and experience to the growth stages, expediting and increasing speed of growth into new regions & countries through existing relationships in the Middle East, UAE, Asia (ASEAN), United States and Canada. Our company focuses on cost efficiency, competitive advantages, management opportunities and future liquidity. Our concern is helping you achieve growth more rapidly by avoiding financial and management risks and acquiring market shares.

We offer a variety of investment structures to support the management and growth of your company. We bring a wealth of experience and business knowledge to entry and licensing with our country partners in the Middle East, Asia, United States and Canada.

We look for three basic types of businesses:

• Growing & Emerging Concepts: Does not have to come from a specific country, is an early stage or mid-market company of two (2) to five (5) or more locations. Strong EBITDA's of twenty-one (21%) percent or greater. The concept(s) has been operating for two + years and is having unprecedented consumer appeal. It would be a concept "on the rise".

• Trends: Already developed and operating hospitality venue or restaurant trend. This could be through reinventing the classics, new food styles or service models that is shaping the future restaurant and hospitality scene.

• Niche Markets: The Investment community and International hospitality executives are waiting to participate in the "next" or un-told story of an emerging or mid-market restaurant chain/company. Let us tell your story. We do acquisitions and joint venture (JV) deals bringing resources to International growth.

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