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About Us

Private Equity

MainStreet Restaurant Licensing Ltd is a full service private equity company servicing the food-restaurant-hospitality industry. The company is headed by Ken Gooz, its President and CEO, a business leader who specializes in restaurant licensing, corporate franchise structures and processes and regional and national multi-unit development.

Mainstreet brings executive operational expertise, grow or buy-out capital to successful restaurant concepts, those that prove to be scalable on an International level. We prefer concepts/brands that are leaders in their sector, have a unique competitive advantage, are EBITDA positive (19% to 21%), with current or close to ROI's of twenty five to thirty five percent. When investing we typically (but look at each deal on it own merits) take a majority equity position of 65 percent to 100 percent funding the structures and growth to International markets. We are open to the types of purchase which may include the stores, just trade marks & intellectual property or a blend of. The company allocates all its resources, energies and development & growth capital to the successful positioning, operations and growth of its partnered or acquired projects.

We strictly adhere to our commitment on creating sustainable long-term value for companies we invest in and brands partnered with. We offer senior secured loans to successful entrepreneurs and emerging business concepts in the restaurant segment targeting those with EBITDA’s of 21%+, generating a considerable free cash flow and having a strong competitive edge in the market.

We invite founders, Chef-preneurs and culinary innovators with entrepreneurial mind-sets and the desire and drive to aim for multi-unit growth and excel in the food-restaurant-hospitality industry to partner with us and collaborate to continue the development and growth of their brand and company.

MainStreet is here to support and propel entrepreneurial management – their dreams! Our core philosophy is to liaison with talented people, like you, to increase the financial and market value of their assets and together achieve mutual success.

Innovation is who's first to market !

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