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Aim Bigger

The restaurant industry is for those who have the skills to please people and have a true desire for endless growth. Names like McDonalds, Starbucks, TGI Friday’s, Subway, Baskin Robbins and Ruby Tuesday that are well known global brands started their operations in small cities in the United States. Their success is attributed to quality products, superior business models and the ‘never say die’ spirit of their founders. For those who believe in their skill and have already proven it at certain levels, the skies are the limits!MainStreet feels that if you aim big, you can aim much bigger. We work with enterprising people who have a true passion for growth and profit. If your restaurant is best-in-class segment that is experiencing success, you must ultimately widen your territory and capture new markets! This is where MainStreet comes into the picture.

The MainStreet team comprises industry experts who have the knowledge and experience of working in domains of restaurant development, franchise & licensing and multi-unit leadership and concept deployment. We help you in achieving greater profits at larger scales of operation. From sales forecasts and marketing strategies to financial analysis and profit planning – we augment your winning restaurant business concepts for greater success! Your brand will enjoy a greater presence and your income statements stay POSITIVE when we team with you! MainStreet helps you establish new business units – Franchises and Corporate Entities - creating opportunities for on-going royalty and licensing revenue streams.

We understand and have been through the growing pains typically associated with early-stage companies. This helps us to go into the market quicker and more cost effectively than those haven’t yet experienced franchising; corporate growth and regional build-outs. We know what is needed for people and structures and at what are the right stages to push corporate unit growth.

MainStreet does not undermine your accomplishments - you’ve laid the ground work, worked 18 hours days, handled all the pressures and issues to make your business and product better - why compromise all that in the effort to expand your operations alone or with a bureaucracy that feels it knows better and changes everything? We will give you all the support that you need and add to your accomplishment with capital, structure and key positions when needed.

Preparing a restaurant concept for growth is truly an in-depth, daunting, detailed, and elaborate task with structure, processes & follow up – and these are essential at store as well as corporate levels. Many who have tried to do this alone overlooked and missed critical steps and this either set them back on executing and timing or cost them two or three times as much money! MainStreet has been there, understands it, can streamline it, can ease that burden and eliminate all obstacles in your path for business expansion.

Your partnership with MainStreet can be structured for us to exit in one to three years or it can continue for longer if you want us.

Don’t do it alone – if it was not worth it, we would not have been here!

Forward looking restaurant entrepreneurs like you always aim for growth - we help you in planning for that growth and make it possible for you to actually realize that growth at the highest levels.

If you aim big, aim bigger with MainStreet. Let us take you through that “explosive” growth stage and achieve that next level of success.

Let the food industry know that you are the Best – everywhere!

Tomorrow’s Brand Today ®