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Transforming a Distressed Chain Restaurant through a Turnaround

If you thought successful chain restaurants or multi-unit restaurants can rest at peace after establishing a strong foothold in the super competitive and super volatile food-service-restaurant industry, you need to think again......»Read More

Does Your Chain Restaurant Need a Turnaround?

Just like any other business, every restaurant wants to grow into a successful venture that rolls in huge amounts of profit and is lucrative for the founders, investors, managers, staff as well as customers......»Read More

Restaurant Venture Marketing: The New Way to Grow Your Restaurant Business

Every emerging restaurant owner aspires to make it big in the local as well as international markets. But given the extremely competitive nature of the food-service-restaurants industry.....»Read More

What Makes a Venture Capital For Restaurants Successful?

What are the two most important things necessary to make a restaurant concept a roaring success? Great taste? Good service? Value for money dining experience? Well, actually, it is a seamless flow of growth capital.....»Read More

Looking for Growth Capital to Grow your Emerging Restaurant?

The food-service-restaurant business is indeed a very competitive one and restaurant units that lack the drive – both entrepreneurial and financial – lose out to competition. It is not enough to claim one’s status as a successful restaurant.....»Read More

Need a Break-through Business Plan for Restaurant?

Before we delve into a discussion about how a strategic business plan for restaurant can give an impetus to your aspirations of taking your successful restaurant concept higher up the success ladder, it is important to understand why you need a robust business plan.....»Read More

Follow These Restaurant Industry Trends to Scale New Heights in 2012

The food-service-restaurant industry is quite competitive and in order to stay ahead in the race you must have a grip on the latest food and restaurant industry trends. Gone are the days when people used to spend hours in a plush fine-dine restaurant and enjoy its delicacies one bite at a time.....»Read More

An Effective Restaurant Marketing Plan Can Take Your Business to New Highs

In the modern, fast-paced business scenarios, it is very important to stay a few steps ahead of your competition. The same holds true for the food-service-restaurant industry too. In order to be a super successful restaurant concept you must have a robust restaurant marketing plan that can give your business a better edge in a dynamic marketplace.....»Read More

What can restaurant consultants do for your business?

The food-service-restaurant business is indeed a very profitable one. With the right restaurant concept and the right mix of multi level marketing plan, one can not only pull off a highly successful restaurant business but also ensure that it becomes a brand to reckon with in the years to come.....»Read More

Check out the hottest restaurant trends in 2012

Well, the New Year is here and of the many things that we have done or are planning to do, eating at the best restaurants in the city never goes out of the itinerary. Customers are always on the look out for innovative menus and exciting platters that can delight their taste buds round the year.....»Read More

How can venture capitalists help you expand your emerging restaurant business?

Most emerging restaurant owners in the food-service-restaurant industry aspire of expanding their business by entering new and unidentified markets. It is a known fact that opening a restaurant is an extremely costly affair and those who wish to carve a niche for themselves must invest a significant amount of money to fuel their expansion dreams.....»Read More

Restaurant Acquisition Made Easy by a Professional Restaurant Licensing Company

Restaurant acquisition is a terrific investment opportunity and a professional restaurant licensing firm can help you grab it by all means. It can help restaurant founders, Chef-preneurs and culinary experts who have considerable experience of running successful restaurant chains.....»Read More

Take Your 'Break Through' Business Plan for Restaurant Beyond Niche Markets

If there is one industry that has not been affected by the recent downturn of the economy, it would undoubtedly be the food-restaurant-hospitality industry. The steady boom of the restaurant business can be attributed to the much obvious reason – customers’ demand for fresh, healthy, delicious and not to forget, pocket-friendly multi fare offerings.....»Read More

Hottest Segment

Full-service restaurants are passé. Hybrid, fast-casual restaurants offering high quality and delicious food à̀ la carte at pocket-friendly prices are the new sweet spot of the growing economy. The master concept of fast casual restaurants is based on two most important parameters – great quality fresh food and instant service.  Customers and food connoisseurs do not have to wait endlessly to be served. Plus, the most successful fast casual .....»Read More

2012 Sizzlers

Predicting food trends is quite like making weather forecasts – quite unpredictable! You never know what culinary delights the New Year has in store for you until they arrive. Nevertheless, taking a look at last year’s hit list, it does seem like 2012 is going to be full of surprises!  So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 2012 Sizzlers and find out who’s in the race to be the winning 2012 restaurant concept......»Read More

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