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Check out the hottest restaurant trends in 2012

Well, the New Year is here and of the many things that we have done or are planning to do, eating at the best restaurants in the city never goes out of the itinerary. Customers are always on the look out for innovative menus and exciting platters that can delight their taste buds round the year. Needless to say, emerging restaurant concepts are all set to flatter their patrons with a unique dishes and appetizing fare that will leave them hungry for more! Will food lovers witness new restaurants 2012? Are restaurant owners all set to surprise and wow their customers? Well, let’s explore!

When it comes to food, the first thing that comes to mind are flavors – sweet, salty, bitter and sour – these are elements that have been experimented with ever since humankind started appreciating the gift of taste. Restaurant trends 2012 predict that the New Year will see bolder experiments with flavors. The demography of restaurant visitors has changed drastically over the last decade and each year we have seen new infusions happening in the food and restaurant industry. Traditional diners have been replaced by those opting to go to quick service restaurants that provide a fast casual experience. 2012 will witness taste trends in the restaurant industry complementing the nature of emerging QSRs and attempting to wow the customers at the very first bite rather than allowing them to relax and let the taste buds understand and enjoy the flavors gradually in a fine dining scenario.

Textures are going to be experimented with quite a bit in the New Year too. If you have a unique recipe that blends the coarse with the mushy or grains with a soufflé finish, your restaurant concept will be quite a hit in 2012. Restaurant owners all around the world are already experimenting with new food textures for their customers. 2012 is all about attracting opposites. There are souped-up sandwiches and biscuits replacing the conventional sandwich bread that are creating news. Emerging restaurants that can generate curiosity amongst their customers and platter out such invigorating textural experiments will be winners this year.

Do you have a secret recipe that can pull customers and make them queue up in front of your restaurant? If not, you must innovate one soon! Whether you own a restaurant business London U.K. or have multi unit restaurant concepts across the U.S. or Canada, following these hot restaurant trends 2012 will certainly give your brand a better image and your balance sheet better ROI


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