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For Chef-preneurs Like You, Success is NOT the Limit!

Shifting demographics and changing lifestyles have been driving the surge in the restaurant industry. Busy consumers do not have the time or inclination to cook. They do want the flavor of fresh bread without the hassle of baking. They look forward to tasty, nutritious meals without any dishes to wash. Singles, working parents and business executives demand greater convenience when it comes to buying their meals – the future will always be bright for the food & service industry and Chef-preneurs like YOU who have the forte to pull huge crowds will get the BIGGEST SUCCESS!
As we reach out to Chef-preneurs we want to hear from and connect with the Celebrity Chefs of the world. You have that spirit of entrepreneurship and excellence that we want to work with.

  1. Have you discovered a niche within the hospitality industry?
  2. Have you created a food style and restaurant concept that is up and running with multiple locations or have new launches in pipeline for unit growth?
  3. Have you already worked through the store economics, business model, processes and efficiencies?
  4. Are the existing stores ready to be displayed as the prototype with operating and business manuals, method & procedures, accounting and H/R?

MainStreet is looking for a restaurant concept preferably in (but not limited to) the fast-casual segment – the ones that are resonating with consumers today with a business model producing positive cash flows, healthy balance sheets and EBITDA’s of 21% +

If your restaurant business has achieved these, let us conference to discuss options to divest or allow us to partner with you! We will help you be the growth leader in your segment by putting your business on a global stage. We are well connected in the United States, Canada and abroad including Middle East, UAE, and Asia.

We pride ourselves on partnering with successful and accomplished business and culinary leaders--innovators like you who know what they are best at and are serious about business and expansion. MainStreet appreciates the hard work that goes into the making of flourishing restaurants and we feel that they deserve seamless growth. This is why our team helps you take it several more steps up and ahead from where you have already reached!

We want you to continue your triumphant journey and weave a network of successful restaurants. There are no full stops in business and Chef-preneurs who have proved themselves in culinary and business skills. They are sought everywhere. The mission at MainStreet is to take them through a bigger journey and assist them in branching out by establishing global franchises. With MainStreet you do not just grow, but grow as the segment leader and become the benchmark for others to follow!

MainStreet is looking for the next 'run-away-hit' of the industry. If you feel that you have the next Holy Grail discovery of the restaurant industry, we will love to contribute further to your success story.

But why us?

MainStreet has decades of experience in restaurants from full service (fine dining, casual up-scale) high volume fast-casual and QSR businesses. We have worked through corporate, multi-unit and franchise developmentt & executive operations. Our team includes qualified and efficient marketing pros, accounting experts, and investment analysts who know how to focus on growth of a business, enhance its brand awareness and customer loyalty.

We know that as a Chef-preneur you have all the skills that your patrons love. Our team simply helps you in making the most of them at a much higher levels.

Let us bring two great talents together – yours and ours – and take that break through concept that has your customers wanting for more - to bigger markets!

I personally invite you to discuss your ideas with me and hope to merge your forte in the restaurant business with my experience of 40 years to help you leverage growing and emerging restaurant concepts, trends and unidentified niche markets through unique product offerings, added value and service style.

Thank you

Ken Gooz

Let us make your successful brand of today a more profitable brand of tomorrow!

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