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Ideally, this is your current situation:

Your company enjoys a healthy P/L and balance sheet, at store and business level. We believe that putting an emphasis on the business model is necessary right at onset of acquisition or partnership. This helps achieve stronger store economics and compelling returns on investment.

In confidence, under mutual acceptance of non-disclosure, together we will review your concept's business model and your current financial position. The overall speed and ease of placing investment towards your concept will be determined by a myriad of factors. We will eveluate the concept development costs and store economics to determine viability for franchise expansion and return on investment. Initial examination of your position may show a need to refocus efforts on financial strength and stability with a goal for re-evaluation at a later date. In this case, our sister company Brittco Advisors may assist in these overall efforts.

Initial due diligence may also result in an opportunity to swiftly examine options for mutually beneficial investments and partnerships. At this stage, we will enter an agreement in pricipal to evaluate and discuss partnership and business structure moving forward.

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