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You are submitting information for the sole purpose of assisting Mainstreet with its initial screening process. Your submission of information in no way implies any commitment or obligation on the part of Mainstreet to provide any financing whatsoever to your company or any of its affiliates. Any financing or services provided by Mainstreet will come only after a review of your company and its business and financial plans, personal meetings with members of your management and the appropriate approvals of Mainstreets internal committees.

By submitting this information electronically there is no assurance it will remain confidential. Mainstreet disclaims any warranties or covenants that may be applied with respect to the confidentiality of the information submitted by you and shall not be liable to you if such information fails to remain confidential. Formal confidentially agreements can be negotiated after a more thorough conversation with Mainstreet.

Mainstreet is not in a position to accept any information that may be confidential, proprietary or which constitutes any trade secrets. Please do not send us any such information as we are in no position to agree to obligations of confidentiality or nondisclosure with regard to all information submitted to us, except in special circumstances and only when expressly agreed upon in writing by Mainstreet, or those acting on our/your behalf. Information sent will not be regarded as proprietary, confidential or

Since we experienced a large number of business plan submissions, we reserve the right to selectively review only those plans that will closely match our investment criteria requirements. We likewise reserve the right to reject any submitted plan in our sole discretion. We will be under no obligation to contact the sender or provide the status of a partial plan or any explanation regarding its rejection. Since we anticipate many similar ideas and/or plans to be submitted you understand that ideas or plans similar to yours may already have been submitted or be under consideration by Mainstreet and will be in no way restricted.

MainStreet Restaurant Licencing Ltd and/or it's Directors will not sign non-disclosure agreements. We review dozens of proposals annually, attend as many meetings without having any issues, at all. We choose not to expose our current and future investors & partners to potential frivolous lawsuits and claims.

As the evaluation process continues, to properly assess investment options | investment structure | development services, it may be required that if it is earthier determined by MainStreet Restaurant Licencing Ltd. or requested by the client to attend meetings at their corporate offices and/or view restaurant locations, that the travel expenses of MainStreet principals will be the sole responsibility of the client.

MainStreet Restaurant Licencing Ltd will present an investment proposal within fourteen days. Upon acceptance of proposal the client may be reimbursed in whole or part of those travel expenses.

*Client in this use is referred to as a person or company making the enquiry into investment | development by MainStreet Restaurant Licencing Ltd.

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