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Restaurant Acquisition Made Easy by a Professional Restaurant Licensing Company

The past few years have indeed seen numerous store transfers in the food-restaurant-hospitality business. Some of the main factors that have led to the ever growing trend of restaurant acquisition include:

  • Sale and purchase of locations between franchisees owing to market consolidation
  • Succession or retirement plans
  • Divestiture of corporate stores by franchisors

For those who wish to make it ‘really big’ in the food-restaurant-hospitality business, restaurant acquisition can be a master step to broaden their horizons, both regionally and at the national level. If you are successful restaurant owner interested in restaurant acquisition but do not have the strategic expertise of how to go about the process, you can save yourself from the complex nitty-gritty by seeking the services of a private equity restaurant licensing firm that specializes in restaurant acquisition, corporate structures and restaurant branding.  

Restaurant acquisition is a terrific investment opportunity and a professional restaurant licensing firm can help you grab it by all means. It can help restaurant founders, Chef-preneurs and culinary experts who have considerable experience of running successful restaurant chains and units by offering customized solutions and playing a proactive role in helping to develop it. It can help you offer an appropriate price for the restaurant acquisition depending upon the strength of the brand you wish to acquire, its stability in the market and its sales history. The experts at a professional restaurant licensing company take into account the multiples of EBITDA or earning before interests, taxes and deductions/amortization and suggest the price that a stable restaurant brand with positive sales trends should ideally command.

Additionally, a professional licensing company also studies the future obligations and needs of the restaurant store or brand that you wish to acquire. It helps to make the process of buying and selling a restaurant mutually beneficial for the seller as well as you. It actively seeks out emerging restaurant owners who are interested in entering into new or joint ventures to roll in higher profits.

If you have a forte in the restaurant business and are working to expand your break through restaurant concept to newer territories or enter into new or joint restaurant ventures Canada, a professional restaurant licensing company can furnish the most up-to-date restaurant trends 2011 as well as allocate all its resources, efforts and development and growth capital for the successful positioning and growth of your acquired project.

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