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Restaurant Venture Marketing: The New Way to Grow Your Restaurant Business

Every emerging restaurant owner aspires to make it big in the local as well as international markets. But given the extremely competitive nature of the food-service-restaurants industry, it is no exaggeration to state that the one who has a winning concept as well as a huge financial backing stands to win this chance. Does that mean small, single-unit restaurant concepts should let go off their business development, growth an expansion plans? Of course not! Thanks to the concept of restaurant venture marketing, emerging restaurant units who want to make it big for themselves in the cut-throat restaurant business can now have a seamless supply of investment monies as well as a strong network of business contacts to pursue their dreams of growing bigger. In this sense, restaurant venture marketing takes into account both growth capital as well as ready network of established contacts with banks, equity firms, investors, advertisers and marketing professionals who can indeed come handy in giving an emerging restaurant concept a bigger push.

Finding easy finance to fuel one�s expansion dreams is no longer difficult; thanks to venture capitalists who have ready availability of investible money to put into the business and help emerging restaurants flaunt super healthy P&Ls. In fact, this deal creates a win-win scenario for the restaurant owner as well as venture capitalist. Restaurant venture marketing is gaining increased popularity these days due to several reasons. Apart from the easy availability of funds, the rate of interest is lower than that of banks. The way restaurant venture marketing works is also quite simple. Venture capitalists put in their money in a restaurant concept that has a great potential for growth. This investment is in the form of equity financing over an extended period so that while the emerging restaurant concept has enough time and money to grow, the venture capitalists can secure their own benefits too.

Restaurant venture marketing is best suited for an emerging restaurant unit that has a winning concept and the potential to generate above average-strong returns on investment. Since they are secure, they make good investment options for venture capitalists. Venture capital restaurants have low entry barriers, are �people driven� and therefore have better chances of become successful as compared to their �technology driven� counterparts. Since they have a very high growth expectancy, they allow venture capitalists with an excellent exit.

Owing to all these factors, restaurant venture marketing has become one of the most strategic growth plans for most emerging restaurants who want to carve a niche for themselves. If you think your restaurant concept is the next �rising star� of the restaurant industry, going for restaurant venture marketing would indeed pave the way for a brighter, healthier and more secure future.

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