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Rising Stars

Only those entrepreneurs who aim really big rise in the food-restaurant-hospitality industry. If you are one of those go-getters who have proved their potential in the restaurant industry but do not want to stop here, partner with MainStreet – we will create new futures together!

MainStreet understands the nuances of the restaurant industry. We know what it takes to create ‘break through’ concepts in this domain. Food business is not just about selling food, it’s about selling the “experience” – you need to deliver fabulous service to customers and give them lots of reasons to choose you over your competitors. The Rising Stars of the industry do it everyday!

Splendid quality of products, super-fab customer service, smart pricing and trendy, stylish premises are some of the elements that are blended in the right proportion by forward looking entrepreneurs or Chef-preneurs in the restaurant industry. They know how to please their customers and carve out a niche in the market. The MainStreet team appreciates the work and strategies of such achievers and makes it possible for them to occupy new territories for business.

For MainStreet, the Rising Stars of the food and service industry are YOU – the millennial’s, the worthy 30’s, and the baby boomers. You’re smart, ingenious people who play hard and win hard. You have already delivered quantifiable results and changed the very landscape of the restaurant business!

  • Do you have two or more successfully running restaurant units, positive cash flows and healthy P&L’s?
  • Do you have businesses and products giving competitors a run for their money?

Then MainStreet believes that YOU are the ones making a difference and doing it with style, flair, finesse and ingenuity – values shared by MainStreet itself. We want to collaborate with you.

Certainly, such enterprising and talented business masterminds must spread their operations far and wide.

MainStreet also understands the nuances of franchise development and operations in corporate and multi unit organizations with procedures pertaining to licensing in the restaurant industry. Headed by Ken Gooz, a business leader who has spent 40 successful years in the restaurant business, licensing, working in Western franchise structures taking concepts regional & national in multi-unit development. MainStreet works with an established team comprising talented, qualified and experienced marketing pros, accounting experts, and investment analysts who know how to speed up the growth of a business, enhance its brand awareness and win customers in new markets.

The Rising Stars with run-a-way concepts can achieve superior financial and operating performance while working alongside the MainStreet team. We help you to formulate and implement a growth plan that is most conducive to your business interests. We understand those early-stage issues that obstruct growth and help you avoid all such pit falls. Doing many franchise’s in the past, the MainStreet team have a complete understanding of the structure, documentation in the project management in countries of : United States, Canada, Middle East, UAE, and Asia.

The time for Rising Stars to grow their concept is NOW!

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