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Sprinkler Strategy to Growth

The Sprinkler Strategyis a Market Entry Strategy most often used by a company when it wants to enter a foreign country and new markets. It’s when a company enters all suitable markets at the same time. Many multinationals are increasingly using this strategy to launch products in their various markets around the world. With increased global competition, intensified market integration of the “sprinkler” strategy is a strategic way to being first and to lead markets entered.

This strategy is based on the principle of diversification in which a company attempts to achieve market entry in as many markets as possible in a relatively short time.

A successful implementation of the “sprinkler” strategy requires high standardization. Key suppliers, distributors and multipliers need to be addressed at once in order to enter the market as fast as possible. The challenge with this approach is that it requires vast resources that head offices may not have.

MainStreet, in partnership with Brittco Consulting Group, enters each market and country to do the setup and simultaneous execution.

Advantages of the sprinkler strategy include first mover advantages, risk diversification, capacity utilization, and the ability to move easier in international markets.

The Sprinkler Strategy is a very quick way to introduce a product around the globe.


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