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Emerging Restaurants. Hospitality Trends. Breakthrough Brands.

Mainstreet Investment Fund focus in on one industry only, hospitality. Sector specialization of emerging restaurant concepts and lower mid- market hospitality restaurant companies in Canada and Asia (SE Asia, ASEAN).

We seek to purchase/joint venture with emerging restaurant brands. Mainstreet partners with founders, management companies, hotels that hold niche' or best in market restaurant brands bringing investment capital for infrastructure funds, store growth in forms of mezzanine, debt, convertible debenture or equity. In the partnership provide brand management, store growth strategy & plan, new country entry & deployment, franchise & licensing structures/documents/marketing.

Criteria we look for in potential investments:
  • Experienced management team with a desire to grow
  • Identifiable market position
  • Brand growth opportunities in multiple segments (traditional and non-traditional sites)
  • Predictable cash flows on store business model; store economics that contribute to annual ROI's of 35%+ annually
  • History of positive earnings and EBITDA growth
Our Typical Investment:
  • Lower mid-market companies $5 million to $15 million in annual revenue; chains/multi-unit with EBITDA of $2 million to $5 million annually
  • Restaurants with market presence that are currently operating in Canada or Asia
Acquisitions in whole or majority position include:
  • End of fund buyouts
  • Divesture
  • Corporate management and infrastructure requirements
  • Multi country. Chain restaurants. Franchise companies. Hotel restaurants. Celebrity licensing.

We respond quickly, with complete confidentiality to inquiries and discussions.

I personally invite you to contact me directly.

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